One City, One Book
Malden Reads is made possible through the generous donation of local foundations, nonprofit organizations, businesses, community groups, and residents. Below is a list of our sponsors (so far) for the current year of Malden Reads.
Pulitzer Level
($500+ or in-kind equivalent)
Editor's Choice Level
($100+ or in-kind equivalent)
Bestseller Level
($250+ or in-kind equivalent)
Supporting Characters
($25+ or in-kind equivalent)
Thank you also to our lead collaborative partners 
for the Malden Reads program. 
The Malden Public Library and Malden Access Television 
provide staff support, resources, meeting space, financial bookkeeping, and creative input for the program. 
The Malden Reads Committee is a group of community members representing many sectors of the community. 
This program would not be possible without the collaborative efforts of these lead organizations and community members.
To "meet" the Malden Reads Committee, click here
If you would like to become a sponsor of Malden Reads 2015, please click on the link (below) to find out how to donate.
City of Malden / Malden Redevelopment Authority
Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation
Emily Ackman
Bestsellers Cafe, Medford
East Boston Savings Bank
Leonard Iovino, Malden School Committee - Ward 4
Vivi's Hair Studio