2016 – “The Martian” by Andy Weir

2016 – “The Martian” by Andy Weir

themartian“The Martian” by Andy Weir
Mark Watney is a mechanical engineer, botanist, astronaut and modern-day MacGyver. And it’s a good thing, because during a mission to Mars, a dust storm forces the crew to abort the trip and Watney is left behind, assumed to be dead.

What follows is an adventure story set in space, with Watney using every available resource to reconnect with civilization and return home. Told with surprising humor and relentless positivity, this is techno sci-fi at its best, with astronaut-approved scientific detail underpinning a very human story of a pioneer on a knife-edge between life and death. This year The Martian will make you laugh and think while keeping you on the edge of your seat.

The 2016 program explored topics of space exploration, scientific progress, international and cross-cultural collaboration and the timeless story of human survival in the face of seemingly impossible odds.

2016 Companion Books:

  • “Cosmic” by Frank Cottrell Boyce. Grades 6–8.
  • “Welcome to Mars: Making a home on the red planet” by Buzz Aldrin and Marianne J. Dyson. Gr. 3–8.
  • “You are the First Kid on Mars” by Patrick O’brien. Grades 1-4.
  • “Mars: Worst Case Scenario” by Hena Kahn and David Borgenicht. Grades 4, 5.
  • “Mousetronaut Goes to Mars” by Mark Kelly and C.F. Payne. K to Grade 3.
  • “The Way Back Home” by Oliver Jeffers. K to Grade 2.
  • “Roaring Rockets” by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker. Pre-K.
  • “Looking Down” by Steve Jenkins. Pre-K to Grade 3.

2016 Program Highlights:
Highlights of the 2016 program (February – June) included a multicultural family night at Boda Borg, (Malden’s hugely popular “questing venue), “Sunset, Storytelling and Stargazing” on Waitt’s Mount, and a special screening of the documentary film “My Life in China” followed by a discussion with the local filmmaker. There were special arts and crafts activities for children, ELL reading circles, and a variety of book discussions, film screening and community dinners at local restaurants.