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We partner with educators and other professionals to develop and host interactive events that engage the whole family and community in reading activities!

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Malden Reads Story Time presents well know tales as well as original stories with a rich educational curriculum including social emotional learning and sensory experiences to enhance development of visual, auditory and kinesthetic intelligences which support academic learning.

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Mini Writers Den

Malden Read Project for Malden Middle School
In the seventh year of our “One City, One Book” program, Malden Reads hosted our first in-person author visit for students in middle school. At the author talk, several students asked the author if she would consider writing a sequel to the book they read, since they loved the characters and didn’t want the book to end. The author asked the students if they would consider writing their own “fan fiction,” in which they would write their own alternate endings to the book, continue the story, or develop their own creative writing (or graphic novels) about the characters. We promised the children that we would help to develop an opportunity so they could share their thoughts and have their ideas heard – and thus, the Mini Writers’ Den was developed.

Mini Writer’s Den