Where to Get the Books

2023 Book Selection & Companion Books

We invite you to read They Called Us Enemy by George Takei, the 2023 Malden Reads main book selection for adults and high schoolers! Younger readers are encouraged to read these companion books, which similarly explore the themes and ideas of They Called Us Enemy.

There are a couple ways to get a copy of the main book selection or companion books. Here are our suggestions:

Check out a copy from the Malden Public Library

Use your library card to check out a copy from the Malden Public Library. There are plenty of print copies as well as the e-book format. 

Buy a copy at the Gallery@57 on Pleasant STREet

The Gallery@57 is one of Malden’s best retail shops! They are located at 57 Pleasant Street in downtown Malden and run by a collective of local artists working to bring art to our local economy and foster a stronger community. By purchasing a copy at Gallery@57, you have the opportunity to support a local small business and connect with the talented artists and entrepreneurs who run the shop.  A percentage of the purchase will go to Malden Reads.

You can also contact Anne D’Urso-Rose at anne@urbanmediaarts.org or call (781) 321-6400 to purchase a copy from Gallery@57.

visit your favorite local bookseller

There are tons of local booksellers near Malden and in the greater Boston area. Our bookseller of choice is The Book Oasis in Stoneham. They have been a collaborative partner with Malden Reads for several years. You can always purchase copies on Amazon, but please remember that those low prices come at the cost of workers and the environment.

Here’s a list of local booksellers that we recommend: